Whether you're currently facing or about to face high-challenge, high-demand or high-consequence in the pursuit of your dreams, you will require a strong B.A.S.E to manage stress and discover yourself in the process.

What Is Your B.A.S.E?

Your B.A.S.E is made up of the way you breathe, your awareness, your mindset, and how you use your energy. This determines the amount of stress you can handle and in turn how far you can extend into your potential.

What you will Master:

In this 21-day embodied mental training course you will learn how to assess, recover, maintain and expand your B.A.S.E of essential body-mind resources so you can ascend further into your potential.

  • Assess: evaluate the coherence between your internal state and the external environment to identify your current state of flow.

  • Recover: realign and recenter your foundation when your coherence is in dis-harmony.

  • Maintain: develop habits, routines and rhythms that help you sustain a strong base and set you up to expand.

  • Expand: deliberately expose yourself to manageable stressors in order to improve and grow your foundation. This is the doorway to training.

Why this Course?

As we extend higher towards our potential, and further into the unknown, the complexity, uncertainty, and demand of life builds. In these moments it becomes easier to get distracted, misaligned, and underperform. 

In peak moments it is critical to take care of the essential elements that keep you grounded in your personal power so you can access the resources you have to not only match but surpass the demands of the moment. 

This is precisely what the B.A.S.E program is designed to offer. 

The Foundations of the Course

  • Flow-Expanded

    Expanded understanding of flow as the harmonious and powerful cohesion between yourself, environment, and the present moment.

  • Relaxed-Alert

    A critical state for accessing flow and for opening to degrees of freedom and the force of possibility.

  • B.A.S.E

    Your foundation, with Breath, Awareness, mindSet, and Energy as doorways to be relaxed and alert in flow.

What You'll Get 

In the first part of this course the principles of expanded flow, being relaxed-alert, and the B.A.S.E will be unpacked for deeper understanding and effective implementation into your life and performance contexts.

The second part is to learn how to assess, recover, maintain, and expand your base so you can leverage stress and be open to evolve especially when it matters most in your life.

Embodied Mental Training Downloadable Practice Resources

Audio Tracks (1:40 mins total time)

  • Relaxed-Alert Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation (27:30 mins)

  • Awareness 1: Breath (7:04 mins)

  • Awareness 2: Thoughts (5:54 mins)

  • Awareness 3: Space (9:25 mins)

  • Expand Your Base: Progressive Muscle Relaxation 2 (22:51 mins)

  • Expand Your Base: Grounding Tree (25:41 mins)

  • FreeFlow Moment

  • "High-Low" Breathing Technique

  • Mindset Awareness Exercise

  • Observe Your Baseline

  • Assess Your Base: Short-Term 

  • Assess Your Base: Medium-Term

  • Assess Your Base: Long-Term

  • Recover Your Base: Short-Term

  • Recover Your Base: Medium-Term

  • Recover Your Base: Long-Term

  • Maintain Your Base: FreeFlow Five

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Create Your Base

    • Introduction
  • 2

    Create Your B.A.S.E for High-Performance

    • Day 1: Flow Expanded
    • Day 2: FreeFlow Moment
    • Day 3: Relaxed-Alert
    • Day 4: Relaxed-Alert EXERCISE
    • Day 5: The B.A.S.E
    • Day 6: House & Tree EXERCISE
    • Day 7: B.A.S.E(ics) Breath
    • Day 8: B.A.S.E(ics) Awareness
    • Day 9: B.A.S.E(ics) Mindset
    • Day 10: B.A.S.E(ics) Energy
    • Day 11: Baseline
    • Day 12: Baseline Exercise
    • Day 13: Stress
    • Day 14: Assess
    • Day 15: Allow and Observe
    • Day 16: Recover
    • Day 17: Recover Practice
    • Day 18: Maintain
    • Day 19: Maintain Practice
    • Day 20: Expand
    • Day 21: Expand Practice


John Coleman (PhD)

John Coleman (PhD)

John is a wellness and high-performance coach specializing in opening pathways to personal evolution. With a doctorate in performance psychology, a designation as a registered therapeutic counsellor, and connections with various spiritual traditions, he has cultivated a unique skill-set. With over 15 years of experience his progressive and relevant contributions to the field of human performance are internationally sought after.